Become a persistent people of prayer together. After a Sunday message about Why Bother Praying? (05.13.12), we are learning to lift up the hurts & needs of individuals, families and the world together in prayer.

3 days of fasting & prayer

Jesus challenged us to get serious about being persistent in prayer together, in the face of real suffering at The Crossing... to pray for each other as Christians did for Peter (Acts 12:5,12), for God's Kingdom to come, His will to manifest, for Heaven to touch earth (Matt 6:9-10)... to declare war against the kingdom of darkness, and humbly ask God to take back His territory from Satan in each others' lives (Eph 6:10-20).

This Wednesday through Friday (5/16-18), we declared a time of ongoing, persistent prayer as a church. Here's what you can do:

prayer guide

Each day (Wed - Fri), set a watch alarm to remind you every hour to pray for the following specific areas:

[Wed] Broken Marriages/Families

1. Repent of our own sinfulness & selfishness in our marriages & families.

2. Pray for God's Spirit to bring repentance, wisdom, healing & help to the brokenness of other couples & families. Pray for people by name who are struggling & oppressed.

Click here for complete instructions: Day 1 Prayer Guide

[Thu] Signficant Health Issues

1. Ask God to bring to mind brothers or sisters in Christ at church who suffer from significant physical, emotional or mental health issues.

2. Pray by name for God to intervene & alleviate their physical & mental suffering, emotional brokenness, and personal prisons.

Click here for complete instructions: Day 2 Prayer Guide

[Fri] Outreach in our Marketplaces/Communities

1. Repent for all the times we've rejected God-given opportunities to reach out with the gospel, out of fear or lack of love for others.

2. Pray for God's Spirit to give us courage, character, wisdom & words to intentionally reach out and bless people in our work, schools & local neighborhoods in ways that point people to Jesus.

3. Pray for our children's summer ministry, as we hope to better integrate church kids & neighborhood kids into one family in Christ.

Click here for complete instructions: Day 3 Prayer Guide

Pray Together

Lastly, if you'd like to pray together in community, feel free to come by church from 6 - 7 PM, on Wed, Thu or Fri, to pray with Pastor Josh at the House of Joy.

fasting guide

In the Bible, God's people would not only pray together, but often accompany it with fasting. They abstained from food, not to get God to do what they want, but to center themselves on Him. Fasting reminds us that we're not just sustained by food, but "every word that proceeds from the mouth of God" (Matt 4:4).

If you're up for the challenge, as an additional component to your persistent prayer this week, you may also choose to fast in the following ways:

1. During meal times, spend time in God's Word & prayer, so that as you fast physically, you'll feast spiritually! There are passages & thoughts to meditate on in the daily "Prayer Guide" links (above).

2. Drink plenty of fluids throughout the day; it helps to ease any stomach discomfort. We recommend double the amount of fluid of your normal daily intake.

3. Read pages 57-61 ("The practice of fasting") from Richard Foster's "Celebration of Discipline", provided last Sunday.


1. If you have not fasted before, we recommend you only fast for one meal (i.e., lunch), or for one 24-hour day.

2. If you are physicallly unable to fast, or have health/medical conditions, you could alternatively have a partial fast (e.g., from meat).

3. If you're a minor (under age 18), you must have parental permission, and should only fast for one meal or one day.

4. For those who fast regularly, consider fasting all 3 days to accompany prayer on Wed - Fri.

Stand firm together. As a church, be strong & courageous in the Lord.